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Dear East Enterprises Customers

Since our last price increase from 1/1/2014, we have been able to keep our price steady up to today. Due to the Trump Administrationís new tariffs on imported goods from China, we have to make adjustment to our price structure to deal with the new cost of our imported goods.

The new tariffs from China goods is set to be 10% on 9/24/2018. We are working very hard to keep our current price and absorb this additional 10% cost. But starting 1/1/2019, the new tariffs is going to be increased to 25% level. We have no choice but to add a 10% surcharge to all our products sold to offset part of the new tariffs.

We will remove the 10% surcharge in the future as soon as our government can avoid new tariffs due to any new trade agreement with Chinese government.

Thank you again for your support and we look forward servicing you in the coming years.†