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Rectangle Oval Hand Rolled Edge Hard Back--HandCotton linen(YLO)

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Fabric:Handkerchief Cotton linen
CO=Color:Off White
CW=Color:White White
Item No Size
YLO/11CO 6X8.5 7X11 7.5" (Washer)
YLO/13CO 7.5X10.5 8X13 8" (Washer)
YLO/15CO 8.5X12.5 9X15 9" (Washer)
YLO/17CO 9.5X14.5 10.5X17 10" (Washer)
YLO/11CW 6X8.5 7X11 7.5" (Washer)
YLO/13CW 7.5X10.5 8X13 8" (Washer)
YLO/15CW 8.5X12.5 9X15 9" (Washer)
YLO/17CW 9.5X14.5 10.5X17 10" (Washer)

  • Model: Rectangle Oval Hand Rolled Edge

This product was added to our catalog on Monday 14 October, 2013.

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