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Clover Rectangle Bell with Braided Trim--100% Pongee Silk(LS)

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Fabric:100% Pongee Silk
SEH=Color:Egg Shell Braided Trim
SOH=Color:Oyster Braided Trim
SSH=Color:Sand Braided Trim
Item No Size
LS/12SEH 6.5X5 12X10 10" (Washer)
LS/14SEH 5.5x7 11x14 11.5" (Washer)
LS/16SEH 6x8 12x16 12.5" (Washer)
LS/18SEH 6.5x9 13x18 13.75" (Washer)
LS/12SOH 6.5X5 12X10 10" (Washer)
LS/14SOH 5.5x7 11x14 11.5" (Washer)
LS/16SOH 6x8 12x16 12.5" (Washer)
LS/18SOH 6.5x9 13x18 13.75" (Washer)
LS/12SSH 6.5X5 12X10 10" (Washer)
LS/14SSH 5.5x7 11x14 11.5" (Washer)
LS/16SSH 6x8 12x16 12.5" (Washer)
LS/18SSH 6.5x9 13x18 13.75" (Washer)

  • Model: Clover Rectangle Bell with Braid

This product was added to our catalog on Friday 27 September, 2013.